P. 21. Chinese Canadian, eh.

I love tv, dvd special features and kpop girl groups. I love to love things, y'know. (◡‿◡✿)

Laura Benanti teaches a Master Class for young actors 

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Where are you from in Canada?  “Southern Ontario. Imagine lush, pastoral farmland. So I wear a lot of plaid, but the hipster intelligentsia in Silverlake stole that look from us. I also have an issue with maple syrup. It goes on everything I eat. It’s even in my salad dressing.” [x

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mozzarella stick themed wedding

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Maybe love is in New York City, already asleep. You are in California, Australia, wide awake. Maybe love is always in the wrong time zone. Maybe love is not ready for you. Maybe you are not ready for love. Maybe love just isn’t the marrying type. Maybe the next time you see love is twenty years after the divorce–love looks older now, but just as beautiful as you remember. Maybe love is only there for a month. Maybe love is there for every firework, every birthday party, every hospital visit.

Maybe love stays. Maybe love can’t. Maybe love shouldn’t.

Love arrives exactly when love is supposed to, and love leaves exactly when love must. When love arrives say, “Welcome, make yourself comfortable.” If love leaves, ask her to leave the door opened behind her. Turn off the music. Listen to the quiet. Whisper, “Thank you for stopping by.”


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Thank you, more than anything, for stopping by.

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"Mmkay, two points to make here; first, Rihanna, you, and then Rihanna.

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