P. 22. Chinese Canadian, eh.

I love girls and au memes (◡‿◡✿)
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OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO FOR JENNY LEWIS' JUST ONE OF THE GUYS, featuring Kristen Stewart, Brie Larson and Anne Hathaway.

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“I was reading [a self-help book] yesterday,” she says, “and it said: ‘Make your own bed.’ I said to the book: ‘Fuck you! I don’t have to make my own bed! That’s why I live at the Carlyle.’ ”

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Chelsea Peretti and Melissa Fumero are angels from heaven.

Every day on set I learn more from and about them, and therefore more about myself. They are hilarious, supportive, vulnerable, and lovable – the best work BFFs I could have asked for. Every time one of them nails something in a scene, it feels like a victory for me. Maybe another combo of women would have created a competitive feeling (DON’T YOU REMEMBER MEAN GIRLS, YOU GUYS??), but not so with these two. I can go to them for advice, and they help me see things from another perspective. Recently, I asked Mel a question and then finished with a “sorrrrry.” She told me to stop apologizing for myself and I immediately thought SHIT, she’s right, I do that all the time. I may not have been able to see that if it had come from another close friend, but there’s something about the work friendship dynamic that’s really special and enlightening in that way. And I’ve got their backs, too. I have a deep desire to see these women succeed and fly in every aspect of their lives. ANGELS I TELL YOU.”

Stephanie Beatriz: 5 Things Working On ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Taught Me (x)

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Ew, I hate P.E! I remember he made us run laps, and I’d just be like… Life is too short.

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Failure teaches us that life is but a draft, an endless rehearsal of a show that will never play.

Amélie (2001)

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Hotel called, said you were missing an eyelash curler.

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